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• No pornography or escort sites.
• No sites that are made for adsense etc. or affiliate marketing.
• No incomplete sites or sites with broken links.
• No illegal sites containing copyright destruction, violence, fraud, racism, vulgarity or warez.
• We accept sub-domain and sub-page submissions.
• Submit to the most appropriate category, if there is no relevant category, please contact us and we will create one.
• The link title should read well, we prefer you to use company/website name and then if you wish product/service, a good title will be something unique that no other company will want.
• Try to include some useful information in the description.
• You do not have to fill in the meta description if you don't want.
• You can't submit the same URL to more then one category.
• The review fee is there so that we can check your website on a regular basis to make sure that it still meets our requirements.
• If your website is rejected after review you will receive a full refund.
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